The 15th Annual SCOPE Poker Run - Long Beach 2008

The Southern California Offshore Powerboat Elite (S.C.O.P.E.) club is the premier offshore performance boating club in the Southern California area.

The club is filled with fun-loving performance boaters, and along with its 200 plus members come some hard core performance boats and plenty of beer.

Long Beach treated all involved in the SCOPE Poker Run pretty well, the fog took a couple of hours to lift and the ocean could have been smoother, but ultimately the sun shone and the good times rolled.

Once again, Slide Anchor was present and showing full support for the event, with a 10 foot booth that showcased the Box Anchor, Shore Spike, Step Platform and Danik Hook. 

Left: Ryan Dvorak (Owner of Slide Anchor) with Ashley

Center: Slide Anchor Stand at SCOPE Poker Run Long Beach 2008

Right: Group having fun with Slide Anchor at the SCOPE Poker Run