• "The Box Anchor works great”
  • “Best item I've ever bought for my boat.”
  • “You saved my boat!”
  • “A wonderful anchor!”
  • “Your product rocks!”
  • “You guys couldn't make anchoring any easier!”
  • “Unfold it, drop it and forget it!”
  • “No trouble pulling it up.”
Straight from our Customers

(Testimonial letter sent to PDB Magazine)

I have been boating for more than 40 years and I have to admit that 38 of those years have included me looking for the perfect anchor. You see I have a knack for having certain things that I simply can't do well. I can never start a fire in a fireplace without using a flame thrower and regardless of where I boat, I always found it hard to anchor securely and as I said, I have tried a WIDE variety of equipment.

It’s frustrating for me to watch guys just stepping up, tossing their anchor in the lake and watching it stick all day long with little to no adjustments.

After spending a small fortune on anchors, ropes and chains and after attending seminars and classes at boat shows in Ohio on Lake Erie and now in the Nashville area in Tennessee at Center Hill Lake, I finally found an anchor that even a guy like me can use and depend on.

I didn’t see it listed in your anchor roundup article in the July issue, but I remember reading about it in your magazine a few years ago. I saw a mention of a "Box Anchor" or a "Slide Anchor” and to make a long story short, I ordered one from the manufacturer for a little over $100.

From Lake Erie in the Cleveland, Ohio area, to Knoxville at Lake Tellico and now at Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tenn., this anchor has never let me down regardless of conditions. Rocks, weeds, mud, gravel, storms, winds strong currents and the great unknown. It sticks. I walk to the front of the boat, drop the anchor and it sticks. This is like the anchor for dummies. I just wanted you to know that while this may look a little different, it is amazing. If I lost it, I would order another immediately.

Just so you know, I really like your magazine and I read it from cover to cover. Keep up the great work.
Robert Marquitz


Your step platform is great. We were thinking of selling our 23' Eliminator Daytona because we could not stop on hot days and go swimming in the middle of the lakes. Now we can jump out and get right back in. You saved my boat from being sold! Thanks again for a great product.
Jay Hinz Minocqua - Wisconsin


I'd like to thank you guys for making such a great anchor. Previously I have had trouble anchoring in some of the areas with a hard sandy bottom with a danfourth fluke style anchor. Not anymore, the box anchor works great. I used it 6 or so times in the past two days and it grabbed the first time every time. Thanks again, I've already recommended it to quite a few people. Keep it up!
Regards, Eric Theberge


I recently tried your 25# anchor on 17 feet Trackor. I was shocked at how the anchor worked in 4 foot swawls. It hooked up awesome. We lost power to our bow mount motor, so we had to anchor to fish for walleye in a tournament on Fresno Reservoir (Havre, Montana).
The second tournament we were in we needed the anchor again. This time the wind was gusting 30-40 mph creating real choppy waters. We caught fish, and the boat stayed using the anchor. We placed 30th out of 94 teams. If we didn't have your anchor we wouldn't have been able to fish. Thank you for a great product.
Thank you, Thad Briggs Olney - Montana 59927


Slide Anchor,
I just bought a box anchor and a large slide anchor and I wanted to tell you guys it's the best item I've ever bought for my boat. I used it during 4th of July weekend for the first time and you guys couldn't make anchoring an easier.
Again, your product rocks!
Thanks, Carlos


The Box Anchor and Shore Spike and other item I ordered from you arrived by UPS to my home yesterday (Tuesday). That's the fastest I've EVER received ANY item(s) I've ordered online! Thank you for the awesomely-fast service. I am thinking positive that this anchor will work much better than the 20-pound Navy Anchor I've been using here in these AZ lakes.
Jon Evans - Mesa, AZ


We own a small slide anchor (yellow stem). LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! In fact, love it so much that we bought two as birthday gifts for friends, one as a thank you gift for a fellow boat owner who helped up with our boat, and another for a guy who always seems to give us beer when we run out on the lake!!!! We know lots of other people that have bought them, after seeing how amazingly easy to use they are.
Your loyal fan, Kristi Miller - Paso Robles, CA

What West Marine Customers Are Saying

Spent the extra money on this and haven't regretted it once since the first time I dropped it off the bow. No backing it down. No trouble pulling it up. Unfold it, drop it and forget it... One of the better investments for the boat to date.


After much aggravation with my old danforth, I decided to purchase the box anchor. It turned out to be a great decision. Whether I use it off the bow, or off the stern just to stabilize my boat on the beach, this anchor works just as advertised.