Cooler Shelf

Cooler Shelf

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Has this ever happened to you? You plan a trip, get all your goods together, pack your cooler or ice chest, get to your destination, and you go to grab a sandwich from your ice chest and it's ruined from either condensation or melting ice because you didn't have the plastic food tray that came with your cooler, or you lost your food tray for your ice chest?

That NEVER has to happen again!

As ice chest accessories go, Cooler Shelf is that 'must-have' solution. Our Cooler Shelf for ice chests will protect all your food from ruin and has been tested extensively in many different environments so you can be sure it will do the job.

Our replacement tray can also protect your bait from ruin too if you enjoy fishing.

Whether you own an Igloo, a Coleman, Rubbermaid or Yeti cooler or ice chest, our Cooler Shelf will fit any one of them!



9" L x 8.5" W.
Fits ice chests from 30-50 qt.
Barrier is 2.5" high.
Will expand to 11.5" wide.



12" L x 9.5" W.
Fits ice chests from 60-100 qt.
Barrier is 3" high.
Will expand to 12.5" wide.



13.5" L x 12" W.
Fits ice chests from 100-170 qt.
Barrier is 3.5" high.
Will expand to 15" wide.

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