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Spike in sand or even rocks!

The Shore Spike works great in hard pack or soft sand, and even in shallow water. It is the perfect tool for securing your boat in your favorite beach spot, or even off rocky or shale shoreline. Just drive the tubular handle downward to deliver the spike blade into the shoreline and tie your boat off to the lower ring. The Shore Spike removes as easily as it drives in: just drive the handle upward.

For rocky or shale shorelines, just drive the spike a few feet offshore, where the ground is softer. The open, tubular handle won’t trap air, water, or debris -- allowing for easy use in shallow water. The top ring is for exclusively for a line and buoy. Our product is hot dip galvanized with a rubber handle to ensure that it will not rust and is built to last.



Small Shore Spike:    Boats to 25'

Large Shore Spike:    Boats from 25' to 38'

X-Large Shore Spike:    Houseboats and Cruisers

For size and application recommendations, call (928) 855-1108

The Shore Spike/Sand Spike is designed to work with almost any boat size, from personal watercrafts to houseboats and most everything in between.