Box Anchor - Powder Coat

Box Anchor - Powder Coat

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The Original Box Anchor is now even better. Not only is it hot dipped galvanized, but we have added a second layer of protection, POWDER COAT. Many rad colors to choose from to match every style.

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Powder coating over hot dip galvanizing is a two step coating process. In the first step, the steel part is galvanized with a layer of zinc. The zinc layer provides cathodic and barrier protection, preventing the steel from oxidizing, resulting in a longer part life. Galvanizing is a four-step process that requires exceptional attention to details and procedures to ensure quality in the finished part.

The second step is the application of a powder coating to the galvanized part. The powder coating is applied to the part and heat cured, which bonds the powder to the galvanized part. The finished metal powder coating protects both the steel part and the galvanized layer, and provides an attractive exterior finish to the part