Anchor Buddy

Anchor Buddy

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Available in two sizes, the Anchor Buddy by Tuggy Products takes the shock out of your anchor line and the anchor isn’t pulled loose in waves and swells as with a straight line. We strongly recommend that it be used in conjunction with your anchor line, clipping one end of the Anchor Buddy to the anchor (along side the actual anchor line) and the other end of the Anchor Buddy to a loop tied on the anchor line to absorb shock. We do NOT recommend that the Anchor Buddy be relied on as a main anchor line, but only as a useful shock-absorbing tool. 


Another spectacular application of the Anchor Buddy is to drop anchor approximately 50' from shore, proceed to shore and Anchor Buddy stretches! Step off, lay out bow line and Anchor Buddy pulls out your boat. Retrieve boat by pulling on bowline, step aboard and anchor buddy automatically pulls you out with no engine power or paddling.

Available in both 7’ and 14’.

  • 7’ Shallow Water Anchor Buddy stretches to 22’
  • 14’ Anchor Buddy stretches to 50’
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